Method Webpagemaker dot net use for payment

You may use PayPal or PayPal with credit card option.

I nor Webpagemaker dot net gets your credit card information

No, I don't see any credit information all payments are sent by PaPal . You will be transferred from this website to PayPal secure website.

How may you trust Webpagemaker dot net

I have a customer profile on eBay, and with PayPal. Just click the icon below called "my eBay". Check under transactions history files. Review my customers comments.

My items on eBay

How may Webpagemaker dot net be reached

You may contact me by phone 404-200-7505. Please call and leave your phone number and information. I will contract you with-in 24 hours. You may also use the website contact form.

How soon will the website domain name be up and running on the Internet

Your website domain name will be up on the Internet within 24 - 72 hours after payment notification from PayPal received.

You may choose any domain name.

You may choose any domain name that is open at the registry (please leave at lease 3 possible choices). Also you may search to see if your domain not used.

You may choose the colors and the way you want your website to look and feel

Go to the link label "services" then "order form" put in your information for your website. Email: pictures (in file format -png, jpg, jpeg, or .gif), music (in file format -wav, wma, au, mp3), or movie or video (in file format -mov, wmv, flv, mpeg, avi, mp4, ) To: webmaster @

How many pictures you may put on my website or webpage.

You may put as many as you like you may want to add a gallery.

How many websites you may order

There are no limits, as of yet.

You don't have to be living in the same state, nor in the U.S.A. to get a designer website or webpage built.

No, we may work by phone and email


For more information or questions please feel free to contact me by using the contact link website form, or call anytime, thank you.