WebPageMaker dot NET

The Designer:

My name is Charmaine Norman and I am a freelance website designer. If you know very little about designing your own website, or hosting it on the Internet, then let me do all the work for you.

I started the business in 2002, having three degrees from the College of "West Central Technical" in Douglasville, Georgia: CIS-Networking Specialist, CIS-Microcomputer Specialist and CIS- Website Design Specialist

The Business:

"WebPageMaker dot Net," helps small businesses build their first website with an e-commerce option and at an affordable price.

Services: designing web pages; websites; e-commerce sites; domain name registration; Internet websites hosting; designing logos; Online PowerPoint presentations; email web forms; and Small Microsoft databases.

The business helps small business get started Online, taken the worry out of Online  website building.

All websites, and web pages are personally designed which add a rich beauty and uniqueness to each page on the site. Web pages are custom built to customer’s look, feel, taste, and specification. Your website can be from a one page business card to a more complex multi-pages site.

Customers may add-on web pages as their business develops and grow. We offer website update, monintoring, and maintenance services.

All the e-commerce sites are done using PayPal. Customer have their own PayPal account with their own password.

It’s better then paying thousands of dollars to build a custom website from a high price company or using a ten-plate company where you have to do all the work filling in the details taking away time from your business.

So why can’t you have a website that you would like look, color, feel, and textured backgrounds, having a site with your personally. I am able to design you a logo which can be made animated 3D, or just flat. I am able to update your old logo making them 3D animated.

You'll have the same look as those princely large corporations websites. People would think you paid thousands of dollars for your site. 

 At the end you can’t get a better deal for the price! With good one-on-one, and year-after-year, 24-7 customer service. Why don't you join "WebPageMaker dot net," and lets begin your online website.

Call me at 404-200-7505 anytime! Ask for Designer Charmaine Norma the Website Designer of WebPageMaker dot NET.